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Long Ditton Infant And Nursery School

Long Ditton Infant And Nursery School

The Heart of Long Ditton since 1911


How we teach our children to read 

Reading is Reading is a multifaceted process involving sound and word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation. We know that the sooner children learn to read, the greater their success at school. This is why we put reading at the heart of what we do.



Daily Story Times

Across the school each class will listen to a story read by an adult twice a day. This exposure to quality texts read by experts promotes enjoyment of hearing stories as well as extending vocabulary. These story times are interactive, positive and fun. This year we have introduced 'The Story Vote' where the children themselves vote on which book the teachers will read!



We use a teaching program called Read Write Inc. Phonics to teach our children to read and write. From Nursery and Reception the children are introduced to the sounds that each letter makes and when they are ready blend these letters into words. Phonics is assessed each term and the children are put into groups that enable them to be successful while offering challenge to progress further.


Reading at Home

Reading at home is used to promote reading and also to encourage the practise of the skills learned in school. Each week, when they are ready, the children will take home books to be enjoyed at home. Some of these books will be linked directly to the phonic sounds the children are learning. Some of the reading books will be matched to their reading levels and offer more diverse story structures to help develop comprehension.





Themed Topic Books

Each topic for every year group will be supported by a rich variety of specially chosen books that enhance and motivate the children to read more. 




Support where needed

We provide extra daily one-to-one sessions for children who need a bit of a boost to keep up as well as small group work, volunteer readers to work with and reading targets set each term. 




Essential Books and Book Corners

As a school we developed a range of books that we feel all children should have access to to enable them to develop their reading, vocabulary and enjoyment of reading. Each classroom will have a dedicated space for reading and the books placed in here are always some of our favourites as well as special books from the authors who visit.