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Long Ditton Infant And Nursery School

Long Ditton Infant And Nursery School

The Heart of Long Ditton since 1911

Arriving Late for School / Absence Procedures

Please refer to our Attendance Policy

 Arriving Late

If your child arrives late it is the responsibility of the adult to report to the school office and sign the “Late Book”, giving a reason for lateness.

This is important so that the school office knows your child is in school and can mark your child in in the class register. The class registers in the classrooms close at 8.55am when lessons start.

 Absent due to Illness

If your child cannot attend due to illness, please telephone the school office on the first day or email  If we have not heard from you, we will telephone you for absence reasons.  It is an Ofsted requirement that we keep a record of attendance and absence for every child. 

If your child develops an infectious disease eg. chicken pox, whooping cough, scarlet fever, measles, or Covid-19 symptoms, please notify the school office.  .

If your child is unwell with sickness or diarrhoea, they should not return to school for 48 hours after their last bout.

If your child becomes ill whilst at school, we will contact you and may ask you to come and take them home.

Please see our Infection Control Guidance on our website for up to date information.

 Absent Note

An email or letter of explanation should be sent to the office once your child is well enough to return to school. If you do not provide an absent note, your child may be recorded as absent without authorisation. 

 Medical / Other Appointments

Should an appointment be made for your child to visit the doctor, dentist, optician, audiologist, EP, etc. during school hours, please notify the school office by email or by telephone prior to the date of the appointment with the time you would like to collect your child from school, if appropriate.  We may ask for a copy of the medical  appointment letter /email /text reminder to be provided as evidence.  If appropriate, please let the office know if your child will require a school lunch on that day.  

 Exceptional Leave of Absence

If you would like to take your child out of school for any reason other than medical eg. music or dance exam/performance, sporting activity, visit to another school, funeral, holiday, etc., please inform the school office and complete an Exceptional Leave of Absence Request Form. This can be downloaded below or provided by email or paper version by the school office.  The completed form should be returned to the school office by email or posted in the Office Post box.  The form will be passed to the head teacher for consideration.

Please note: Government guidelines state that as a general rule absence for family holidays will not be authorised and parents who take their children out of school for a holiday in term time are at risk of receiving a penalty notice.